with Mathilde Strijdonk

SAMRITH #1 is a performance where we invite the audience to go through an emotional rollercoaster by the simple act of breathing.

On stage, 2 chairs, 2 women looking formal; we are at a formal gathering, a conference. The two women will encourage a collective breathing session, breathing to feel, to feel the body and to feel alive.

Samrith is a journey to encounter deep emotion, the inner body movement and body presence. For this performance Sarah and Mathilde researched different ways of breathing, questioned how certain emotions arise after practicing a specific way of breathing, analyzed the movement, the sounds and the rhythm of the breath.

When we feel scared, the heart rate goes up, we start breathing faster, but silent, alert for danger; is it possible to go the other way around, starting with the breath to evoke the emotion?

Sarah and Mathilde created a score, for body and voice, in the format of a conference, of a musical dialogue, a practical exercise to encourage the public to a collective breathing experience until they end up holding in their breath, awaiting the explosive climax.

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