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© Esther Genicot

... is ever since I started it a huge source of inspiration. An occasion to name, to define, to question what is moving me as well as what I wish to transmit. I try to renew this role at every moment, in contact with the students, their desires, their doubts. It is foremost an exchange and in that sense I feel more as a facilitator.

Music and dance are ways to move, to put oneself in movement, to be moved and by physical waves to get the other in movement. They are ways to change, to transform. They are paths to more vibrance, in tune with Life, with the Greater, however you may name it.  Ways to enhance one's listening to oneself and to the other, to open to others, to walk with the others.

Music is movement,

the voice, the sound of a body,

the body, the tone of our path,

the color of our choices, experiences, life…

The ATELIERS I propose are constantly in process, influenced by encounters, workshops I follow and experimentations. It is foremost a laboratory with a given starting point, then drawn by the questions, obstacles and desires of each, it lands in a space created, revived together.

The 2 pillars are the listening (of oneself, of the others, of one's own pulsation, of one's own imaginary, of the collective imaginary, … ) and the space (between us, in the breathing, the silence, to express oneself, to create links, to relate, … )

The orality is the main tool, feeding the tradition of the voice being the transmission tool by excellence.

Improvisation and dance are also used.

Dancing to free our body, our voice and singing to feel, to express our inner dance.

Those ateliers are a place to learn and deepen the music, the inner music in each one, to (re)discover singing through a.o. polyphonic songs, improvisation games. There are an occasion to enhance our body consciousness, to nourish, get tools and thrill our imaginary and connect its different faces.

The cursus in the ACADEMIE (Jazz & Lichte Muziek) is undoubtedly influenced, permeable to this research and I use number of the tools developed through the Ateliers but the focus here is about learning a part of the jazz repertoire and its fundamental principles, its philosophy, from its origins to its harmonic developments and to … improvisation!

For me, Jazz today is an impetus, a vivid movement, nourished by deeply positive convictions and I imagine ideally all the musics nourished by that stream, a kind of emergency.

Music is a place of expression and freedom and jazz is, for me, a marvelous door, an unlimited tool to learn, to explore and to transmit.

It is also crucial for me to give the possibility to young musicians to discover and open to other music styles (contemporary, electronic, rock, pop, hiphop, indian, bulgarian, scandinavian, etc…) and to search for the common seeds in their stream, expression so that an actual, contemporary view of the music can be nourished.

Some inspiring persons and quotes…

" (...) Comment “être” musique plutôt que de jouer la musique? " - Fabrizio Cassol

" Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. " - Frank Zappa

" (...) Toute musique qui peut grandir et se développer elle-même comme l’a fait notre musique, doit avoir en elle une sacrée dose de conviction positive. Quiconque prétend douter de cela, ou prétend croire que les représentants de notre musique de liberté ne sont pas guidés par cette même idée, est soit de parti pris, musicalement stérile, carrément idiot ou encore a une idée derrière la tête. Crois-moi, Don, nous savons tous que ce monde de « Liberté », qu’un grand nombre de gens semble craindre aujourd’hui, a sacrément à voir avec cette musique. En tous cas, j’ai trouvé chez Copland pas mal de points positifs. Par exemple: "Je ne peux pas imaginer une œuvre d’art qui soit sans convictions implicites. "

- John Coltrane à Don Michael

" (...) Car le chemin de l'art, c'est aussi interroger sans relâche ses capacités, reconnaître l'endroit où l'on se tenait en définitive depuis le début, se laisser désarmer et recevoir les assauts nourriciers de la vie. Comment sinon parler de la mort, de l'incertitude et des séismes de l'amour sans se frotter nuit après jour et jour après nuit à la splendeur de la vitalité primitive. "

- Martine Wyckaerts


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WORKSHOP AU COEUR DE LA VOIX with Géraldine Cozier

@ Harp Center Brussels

10-11 October 2020

WORKSHOP AU COEUR DE LA VOIX with Géraldine Cozier (refreshing after the summer workshop)

@ La Tchicass Liège

4th of October 2020 


... I was lucky to collaborate with those great artists as a "metteuse en voix" for the singing aspect of their performances.

Sysmo an ensemble of 14 professional percussionist guided by a live composer

Despite Her dance solo by and with Shantala Pepe

Gary performance created by Nadia Schnock

Les Mireilles performance created by Nadia Schnock


In the past

workshop Au coeur de la voix with Géraldine Cozier summer 2020

weekly ateliers à VOIX MUEs at Maison de la Création de Laeken in Brussels 2016-2020

workshop Au coeur de la voix with Géraldine Cozier in Liège summer 2019

workshop jazz singing at AKDT Libramont with Anu Junnonen and Barbara Wiernik summer 2019

workshop album de Famille II at Théâtre de la Parole with Tania BOSAK (Mouvement international TaKeTina), Magali MINEUR (Parole) and Manu LURQUIN (Rythme) spring 2019

workshop Au coeur de la voix with Géraldine Cozier in Liège summer 2018

workshop jazz singing at AKDT Libramont with Anu Junnonen and Barbara Wiernik summer 2018

workshop Au coeur de la voix with Géraldine Cozier in Liège summer 2017

workshop jazz singing at AKDT Libramont with Anu Junnonen and Barbara Wiernik summer 2017

singing teacher in Jazz & Lichte Muziek in Académie J.H.Fiocco Schaarbeek 2011-2017

workshop "Sacred songs" at WISPER Leuven 2017

10 sessions serie "Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme" at WISPER Leuven 2016-2017

workshop Autour de la voix with Géraldine Cozier in Liège summer 2016

weekend workshops Voix'à Rythmes & Move at La Cellule 133a, Brussels 2015-2016

workshop for HogeSchool Gent 2015

workshop Autour de la voix with Géraldine Cozier for les Ateliers 04 in Liège summer 2015

workshops for WISPER Leuven since 2014

summer workshops with Géraldine Cozier for Les Ateliers d'Arts Contemporains in Liège 2010-2014

atelier Voix'à Rythmes at Piano Fabriek, Brussels 2013-2015

singing and choir teacher in the Jazz & lxichte muziek department of Academie Alost 2009-2014

singing and choir teacher at the Rock School of Namur 2009-2010

singing and choir teacher in Jazz&Pop department in Jeugd en Muziek Sterrebeek 2006-2007